Brad Fuller


Relevant Background

Process Experience

Created cross-development infrastructure enabling Product Management team as central product development hub: managing engineering product development, providing the technical consulting arm to marketing and evangelizing product offerings with sales force to customers world-wide.

Analyzed internal processes and development technology used to create game products creating report recommending large prototyping system and “Find Failures Fast” methodology with potential to increase product portfolio revenue by 20 times.

Introduced Agile methodologies, along with engineering processes for version control, knowledge management and release procedures.

Additional training in NIH/HIPAA, Assuring High-Performance Software and Technology Teams, Computer, Network and Internet Security, etc.

Product Management

Established clearly defined processes for MRDs, PRDs and customer interaction to identify, develop and market technology-based products.

Released and launched middleware products as Senior Product Manager.

Author PRDs, White Papers, Technical Manuals and User Manuals for Driving Simulator System

Manager of over 100 interactive media products in the video game, interactive television, and education industries.

Product Management Director for Interactive TV firm

Business Development

Co-wrote USAF SBIR Grant AF081-015
Authored US Air Force SBIR Commercialization plan
Authored DARPA Commercialization plan

Developed business plan, including market research and commercialization plan, for a new type of Internet service.

Engineering Management

Responsible for the development, deployment and support of all arcade products: graphics/video systems, audio hardware and software, operating system software, and tools.

Produced and launched 3 releases of Digital TV SDK to television and set-top box OEM customers.

Managed the development and production of four complete audio platforms.

Coordinated integration of external product team and strategies after acquisition.

Engineering Director for Video Game firm.

Team Leadership

Created corporate-wide innovation process and managed off-site brainstorming.

Replaced annual merit review process with Individual Professional Development Plan and the promotion of leadership.

Demonstrated leadership building effective product delivery teams and mentoring individuals to build character, integrity, and values that inspire personal growth.

Engineering Development

Various technology for Driving Simulator Technology to Assess cognitive ability of soldier's with TBI and PTSD. Android development (Java): UDP-based vehicle dashboard with graphical movement. Data Center architecture: PHP programming and Drupal website design.. Audio programming (C++)
Created embedded Linux audio system

Designed and coded real-time non-preemptive operating system for audio (Assembler and C).

Coded and implemented real-time NASCAR engine simulation audio algorithm (C).

Designed and programmed 3 audio development systems that included software tools and 2 hardware prototyping systems.

Co-designed two audio hardware production boards.

Architect for music sequencer.

Engineered mobile phone Audio Player (J2ME).

Skilled in Linux systems programming and administration.


Evangelized products, strategy, and objectives world-wide leading Sales and Technical Support at customer sites and at industry conferences.

Managed ISVs and coordinated global development with R&D division and consumer division.

Cost Savings

Modernized arcade technology strategy to target distinct market segment.

Significantly increased content quality and lowered manufacturing cost of audio production costs by re-engineering production hardware.

Established the use of Internet B2B tools for global product development and evaluation that assisted minimizing cultural differences and timely scheduled sessions between product teams, customers and engineers.

Content Development

Web development both backend and frontend – Drupal, PHP, etc,

Experienced in Avid, Sony and Adobe content development tools for web, image and sound (e.g. Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Lightroom, Pro Tools, Vegas, Sound Forge, Sibelius, InDesign)

Composer, Sound Designer and Voice director for audio in over 50 published interactive products for top-tier video game and educational publishers and over 35 published arcade games.