Brad Fuller

Video Work

I am currently working part time at Saratoga Federated Church creating videos, camera work and website. Camera and video work consists of recording interviews, productions and creating video bumpers. A recent bumper is for the series Breaking Bad - A Study in the Book of Judges. The bumper is modelled after the inventive title sequence of the AMC TV show of the same name. You can view the videos on the video page.

I will have more videos as they are available

Astrid + Siri Fashion Designer

I just helped code a new iPad game: Astrid+Siri Fashion Designer


Driving Simulator

I am working on a Driving Simulator at MBFARR LLC. Originally developed for Tramatic Brain Injured Soldiers on a DARPA grant, several other sites are using the simulator system. I implemented PureData for realtime playback and FMOD for the audio (runtime audio (C++)) and created the content for the simulator

I developed and programmed the Data Center which serves the website for data analysis for researchers (Drupal custom PHP modules and Python), developed Android Java code that displays telemetry of the vehicle while driving the simulator (you can see this in the videos below),

The simulators are in research labs, but are some are located at two Virginia DMVs:

Otter Learning

I recently finished a game for Austistic and Special Needs children called Counting Town developed by Otter Learning. You can view their video or listen to the music by clicking on a title on the demos page. Counting Town runs on iPad/iPhone, Android and Windows computers.

The Most Fun A Quarter Can Buy

The heading above was the marketing tag for Gauntlet. Ed Logg recaps the adventures of Gauntlet development at the Game Developers Conference 2012. Along with Earl Vickers and Hal Canon, I contributed audio to the Gauntlet games. Here's a fun, rare promotional video that was used in theaters and TV. Sam Comstock created the animation and I created the music and sound effects.

(note: HTML5 enabled browser with video player required to play. Google Chrome is fine.)