Brad Fuller

Your Challenge

Product companies and their employees often focus on: "what will increase revenue for our shareholders" or "what is the ROI of this endeavor?"  While important, this view unfortunately misses the crucial intrinsic quality of product significance: the product's core value.  Understanding value will uncover unexplored markets and untapped user needs. It will enable superior positioning to define, create and deploy product and extend product life. Finally, and most important to our discussion, it will help design the right processes for the team, the company and your market - your development processes have far reaching implications beyond your team.

When teams enter the exploratory mode of design, especially when brainstorming products for undefined markets. how can they operate openly and creatively? When the team moves to the implementation phase of development, what are efficient practices for teams to build and deploy products? What are proven methodologies for both phases of development to bring value to society? How can you identify transactions to lower overall cost?  When the product's market is undefined, what processes are needed to create the right product to transform the market?

How I Can Help

I bring seasoned experience to build efficient development methodologies that focus early-stage creativity processes as well as target latter-stage implementation - all customized for your team's character. I introduce methods that enhance the open, playful modes of brainstroming as well as statistically uncovering process issues to reduce transaction count. Together we will implement appropriate processes that will enhance the creativity of your team to design the right products as well as implementation processes to deploy the product at the target cost and schedule. With 30 years of hands-on engineering, product development and management experience, I can help your team drive and deploy products on time within budget without sacrificing creativity or quality.

My process is iterative as I learn more about your team, its internal needs and transactions into the larger teams of your firm.  In this way, the processes are organic rather than imposed and far more likely to be successfully implemented.   A typical engagement would include an initial work session, detailed one-on-one with team members, research and analysis of your current processes, work sessions with findings, a final presentation, report and next steps.  Deliverables can include:

  1. Initial work session with you to review terminology and discuss your current issues and processes.
  2. Work session of interim findings from initial work session.
  3. One-on-ones with key stakeholders within the team. 
  4. Research and testing of potential methodologies key to your team's characteristics and....
  5. Work session with recommended methodologies from research.
  6. Final presentation and report, including recommended processes and an implementation action plan.
  7. Implementation of new processes follows which I can assist.
  8. Feedback by revisiting the team several months later is important to keep the team focused and on track with new methodologies.

Time frame & Fees

Engagements normally last from one to two months. A more exact estimate of time frame and fees will be available after learning more about your specific business issues and defining the current state of your development processes.


  • CSix Connect
  • Digital Chocolate
  • Digital Eclipse
  • Explore Technologies
  • Genplay
  • Glu/Sorrent
  • ImaginEngine
  • Infospace
  • Leapfrog
  • Liquid Medical Office
  • MBFARR/General Simulation
  • Midway
  • Mobility Entertainment
  • Mustang Games
  • Perfect Line
  • Playfirst
  • Sega
  • Silcon Entertainment
  • SuperHappyFunFun
  • Superscape
  • Tengen
  • TV Head
  • U.S. Air Force
  • Wayforward